Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snowman Christmas Tree

I live with a family who loves to have a giant fresh Christmas tree filled with large blinking lights, lots of ornaments (old and new) and metal tinsel. I love the tree, but always want a themed tree.  This year, in addition to our traditional tree, I decorated a "Snowman" themed tree.  Ashely assembled the white tree that stands 6 feet tall.  It is a narrow tree, but tall.  The white is quite striking.  Last year, I found it at the after Christmas sales ands immediately thought I could turn it into a skinny snowman.
 I added 2 strings of solid white LED lights and then started decorating.
 I made a bunch of snowman faces -- wooden disks that I painted with snowman faces.  I made a bunch of tiny faces and larger ones.
 I added some black Christmas balls -- the red/black and white combination is quite striking - even if it isn't "traditional" Christmas.
 Here is a close-up of a tiny face.
 Here is the tree at night.
 And a close up of the tree with scarf, nose and top hat.
And here is a side view....
And here is Frosty, all lit up!

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SherRee said...

Cute tree Daniela. Love your blog.