Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Leaves and A Bud - Jasmine Petal Tea

We are big tea drinkers in our house. My girls and I have shared lots of pots of tea after school, in the morning and before bed.  Ashley recently tried some Jasmine Petal Tea while at the local cafe (Ellie's Cafe & Deli).  She came home and raved about the tea she had.  She told me it was so delicious, that it smelled like perfume and was wonderful.  Later on in the week, I stopped at Ellie's to pick her up a cup and to purchase some tea bags... and we learned a valuable lesson about jasmine tea.  Do not leave the tea bag in the hot water for longer than the recommended brewing time.  The once delicate and fragrant leaves turn nasty and bitter!
By the time she arrived home, the tea had been steeping for 15 minutes. And it was awful.
Not to be discouraged, we brewed the tea and steeped it for exactly 3 minutes (the recommendations were for 3 - 5 minutes).  I didn't want to take any chances this time around.
The tea was fragrant, delicate and absolutely lovely.
This was my first taste of jasmine tea.  This tea is made by Two Leaves and A Bud company.  They combine the jasmine tea with green tea and the flavor is delicious.
Their claim to fame is that the tea bags are donned "tea sachets".  The sachets are triangular shaped and allow for a lot of room for the whole leaf tea to dance around while steeping.  Each tea bag is wrapped individually in cellophane, so it is convenient to take a bag with me to work.
Two Leaves and a Bud can be purchased many places online at their site or at amazon.
As much as I enjoy the Jasmine Petal tea from two leaves and a bud, I am curious to try other jasmine teas to see how the flavor varies.

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