Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012 Resolution - Daily DrawingsJ

I've decided that for 2012, I will "do".  Each year, I give thought to a word to bring focus to my life.  (I keep the list at the end of each blog page.) In 2007, I started with BELIEVE as an attempt to believe that I could make changes in my life.  In 2008, it was ZEAL, believing that I could bring an enthusiasm to my life.  In 2009 it was GRATITUDE, being aware of how thankful I am for my family, my health and my life. In 2010, it was PATIENCE, as I came to the realization that this was something I needed to work on. Last year it was FOCUS.  I have a lot of ideas, dreams and projects rolling around in my head and thought that being more focused would help me achieve them.
This year, I hope to continue with all the yearly ideas, but include one more.  This year, my word is DO.  I want to bring all those techniques and actually DO things. While I want to be careful and studious about my projects, I also would rather DO them, than dream about doing them.  In many cases, it is the leap of faith that you take, from reading about something to engaging in it.  I want to do more art.  I want to learn more cooking techniques. I want to spend time with my daughters, teaching them as much as I can in a way that we all enjoy. This year, I will DO as much as I can.
One of my things that I am in the process of doing, is daily drawings.
I am making time each day to do a drawing.  I am a firm believer that we learn most when we do, so I hope to learn more as I draw.
These drawings are little, fitting in a small moleskin notebook.  They are things that I see during the day, that inspire me, confuse me or give me something to think about.  Each drawing takes about 20 minutes to complete -- some take more time.  I will draw every day.  (And I have kept up with it so far!)  I will post a few drawings at a time.
 Here is my first drawing done on January 1.  It was a few champagne bottles that I noticed in the restaurant's refrigerator on New Year's Eve.  The shape of the bottles and the reputation of champagne, being celebratory make it a fun image.  Personally, any carbonated alcoholic beverage gives me a headache, so I don't drink the stuff.  But, I do always think of people popping open a bottle and celebrating a promotion, a new house, a wedding or a anniversary when I see bottles of chilled champagne.
On Jan 2, I found a Christmas card that was done by a child of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  The image was so classic, so easily recognizable as such, that even the child's drawing captured the Holy family.
On Jan 3, we had some very cold weather and had our wood stove going full tilt.  I have always loved the warmth and bright colors that the stove gives off.  Many people remark on the fieldstone fireplace, when they first see our living room.  This is something that I have always taken for granted, but have now learned to truly appreciate.

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