Monday, January 30, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

I have been working on this art journal for a few weeks now.  I started after Christmas by taking an online class taught by Gina Armfield.  Gina teaches many art classes and is a talented artist and lovely teacher.  She had videos of her techniques, demonstrating her processes that she uses in her various classes.  She is soft spoken and deliberate.  I enjoy her teaching style and learn a lot from each of her classes.  The class I took is called, "Sea and Song" and is based on ocean sights, songs and images.  I immediately felt a connection because of our fantastic Florida vacations this year.  Her class has a number of videos and I couldn't wait to get started.  
The girls and I made some absolutely gorgeous painted paper, following some of Gina's techniques and I added them to my journal.  Here is one two page spread, using the background.
On these pages, I took the pages and added a giant watercolor seahorse that I painted.  After I painted it, I decided to paint a couple of smaller ones.
Then, I wanted even more seahorses, so I made a stencil from some heavy plastic and used the negative image as well as the stencil to create some more seahorses on the background. I also quickly carved a stamp from a large eraser to make a seahorse in a smaller shape.
On this page, I took the background paper and painted seahorses using the mask from the stencil. I used acrylic paint.  Then, I painted a large seahorse on watercolor paper with watercolors.  I cut it out and pasted it onto the page.
The second page has the two smaller seahorses that I painted onto watercolor paper, using the same technique as the giant seahorse. I cut them out.  I painted onto the page using the negative image from the stencil to create more seahorses.  I stamped my carved seahorse with acrylic paint. These are in the background and are faded. The look like they are further away. I added a poem about seahorses. I like the way this looks, but I am not sure if this page is complete yet.

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SOFIA said...

That is just amazing I love the colors and the seahorsy!