Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art Journals

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a page spread I did for my ocean themed art journal.  Many people keep a journal, but how does is differ from an art journal?
In many cases, it doesn't.  A journal is like a diary in that it is a way to keep track of thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Many of us keep journals and don't even think of them as such.  My brother keeps a journal of his hikes.  Now, Damian is an avid hiker, hiking in the White Mountains and is is easy to see why such feats deserve the attention of a journal.  (But, a journal is just as valuable to keep if you are hiking 5000 foot mountains or just 50 foot hills, if that is what you like.)
Art journals are not just journals about art - although they could be.  Art journals are more about artful expression than about cataloging various works of art.  Art journals can be tied in to a theme (such as hiking, Christmas, baking, etc) or they can be just expressions of artful exploration.  They can include photos, drawings, paintings, origami, collage, pencil sketches, poems, text or any combination.
Art journals are about the person who creates them.
They can be private, like a diary, a place to record your inner feelings and thoughts. Or they can be public and put on display for all the world to see.  They can be gift for a lucky recipient as a personal way to share feelings.  They can be romantic between lovers or a learning piece between parent and child.
Though the years, I have made a number of art journals.  And I love each one of them.  I loved creating each one and the thrill of finding something beautiful to put inside.
I am really thrilled to be working on the ocean themed one, currently.  I will continue to post some of my pages as they progress.
Here are some of my past art journals --
2010- Here is a journal I did during Advent.  I collected photos, Christmas cards and added illustrations and things that we did during the season.
 Here is one page from my 2010 Advent Journal with a drawing of a nutcracker. This journal was kept with pages of paper and book rings.
 Here is a fun little journal I did called "My Life A to Z" where I used each letter of the alphabet to start a word that I used to describe myself. (I think I found this prompt online.)
 This was a fun journal to do. I included the page for "Z" with 2 of my sisters and the word "zany" to describe us. This journal was made with photos, book rings and cardstock.
 Last year, I did this journal to record my surgery and my worries and recuperation.  The title page says it all, "Sometimes, I just need to come the hell down". This journal was made with book rings and papers.

Here is my Summer 2004 journal that I kept.  I included drawings, ticket stubs, photos and more. It was made from a blank notebook.
 Here are a couple of pages --- from the movie "I, Robot" that we saw as a family and then another one where we went climbing weekly.
 Here was a 2009 Summer Album that I made in a blank drawing book.  I didn't decorate the front at all. It sits flat.  But, I included photos, drawings, clippings and stickers.
 Here is the title page. I carved a stamp to make the tennis girl on the front.
 Here is one page recording my father's 63rd birthday. I took pictures and used text and stickers.
 On this page, I included a photo and some drawings.
 This journal was from our Nevada trip in 2004.  I used a blank sketch book, filled with kraft paper.
I drew inside and on the cover. I did a lot of journaling and added photos and brochure pictures.

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