Friday, January 20, 2012

Decorating with Ice... yes, with Ice

January is one of the coldest months of the year, particularly in NH.  And artists have been known to create in all mediums, so using that frugal Yankee mentality, why not create with what you have. And what we have in January, is ice!
I posted a quick tutorial on making an ice heart for the one you love last year.  This one is quite easy, using a heart shaped cake pan and some artificial greenery.
In January 2010, I posted about making ice lanterns and also in December showed an another instance of using ice to line a walkway.
I love using ice to make things.  The art is only temporary (if we are lucky) as the weather usually warms up -- but they are certainly beautiful while they last!
Here are some other links for ice projects around the web.  They are all easy and stunning!
Red Ted's Art Blog has a great article on making ice ornaments with children using paper plates and mini toys.  These look great hanging from tree branches outside!
The White Bench Blog has info on creating an elegant ice wreath and decorating it with burlap and gold using a round bundt pan.  This site has some absolutely beautiful images! Gorgeous.
How Does She? shows how to make a brilliant carrot ice wreath that glows in the light.  This project is great for kids and uses plastic bowls and empty containers that you already have around the house!
The Resurrection Fern shows how to make an ice wreath or lantern using natural things like cranberries and greens in a bundt cake pan.

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