Saturday, January 14, 2012

Drawings and Color!

Here are some of my daily drawings. My book now needs a clip to hold it open or closed!  I like that. 
 1.8.12 Here is a birdie...
1.9.12 And some bunnies.
 1.10.12 A face.  As you can see, I could use a lot of practice on faces.  The angles are hard instead of soft.  But, I am improving.
 1.11.12 And a tree full of doodles...
I make the drawings, purely for my own enjoyment and desire to be a better artist.  But, I save all my work digitally, so that I can use them in my work making logos, illustrations, cards and posters.  Sometimes, a sketch has elements that work really well and other times the sketch is purely a learning experience.  Even though my sketches aren't balanced and fill the page for frame-able art, I find that I draw the sketches "as they call to me" and use the sketches as I need.  So, the empty space around the images are useful for text, background textures or other images. 
I have learned to see the sketches, NOT as finished projects, but as steps in making a finished project.  This has been a new way of thinking for me.  
In the past, I got discouraged if the whole picture didn't look finished or polished.  I would throw out the image in disgust.  But, I realized that saving the image and building upon it or around it was very rewarding and effective.

Here is the image I drew on 1.8.  I took the bird and added some colors, background and texture.
Here is the 1.11 image of the tree. I added texture, color and made it even more funky!

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