Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ice Storm Cometh and Goeth...

Friday's ice storm was messy.  The power went out and then came back on, then went out, then came back on.  The ice bent our satellite dish so it now faces straight up and gets no signal.  Our yard is riddled with downed tree branches, but luckily nothing fell on anything important.  We stayed warm with the wood stove and the power came back on by late in the day.  Today warmed up a bit and there was a lot of melting, but our road is quite icy, still.  But, I got some lovely photos.
 Ice crystals formed on the garage windows and made beautiful patterns.
 The ice looked like the branches were dipped in wax.  The red berries really stood out.
 I love how the ice encapsulates the pine needles. The ice weighs down the trees and make them all look skinny, even the full ones.
 All of the bushes were covered in ice that looked like glass.
Even the bare branches were drenched in ice.

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