Saturday, January 21, 2012


Have you ever had a kumquat? They are little citrus fruits that look deceptively like oranges.
Their name translates in in Chinese to "gold orange" so it is quite easy to understand the mistake.
They are about the size of olives and are actually quite adorable.
Unlike oranges, where you peel the skin and eat the flesh, with kumquats you eat the entire fruit, skin and flesh -  but not the seeds.  The skin is remarkably sweet and the flesh is tart. Pucker up tart!
The combination of sweet skin and tangy flesh make eating kumquats quite unusual.
Kumquats are eaten raw, either whole as a snack or sliced and placed in salads.  Kumquats are also cooked and made into marmalade and jams or made into a candied sauce.  When cooked, the kumquats flavor is softened and it they are used in chutneys and many savory dishes. Kumquats are frequently cooked with cranberries, pineapple and blood oranges.

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