Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make it Yourself...

yumsugar has posted an article about "20 items to make on your own this year". I was intrigued and had to find out what was on the list.  I was actually quite surprised with the list.  The link includes a slideshow with recipes, in case you are interested in trying your hand at some.
The list included some things that I make on a regular basis like BBQ sauce, breadcrumbs, home butchered chicken cutlets, vinaigrette and tomato sauce.
It included some things that I had already tried, such as pappardelle, granola, marshmallows, vegetable stock, ketchup and mustard and lemon curd.
It also included some things that I have not made myself but want to try -marinated artichokes, fresh ricotta, Mexican crema (similar to a cross between sour cream and cream fraiche), pickled ginger, Milano cookies and Harissa (a Tunisian garlic and chili paste).

This sounds like a fun way to try some new techniques and recipes!

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