Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Salty Pig, Boston MA

After a very productive morning cleaning the shop (more on that in another post) we took an impromptu trip to Boston to visit our favorite college student.  We departed Concord at 3:00 and sat down to dinner at The Salty Pig shortly after 5:00.
 Ashley found the restaurant after reading reviews online and we thought it sounded like a fun place to try. The Salty Pig is a restaurant that serves small batch cheeses, imported and local as well as hand cured (pig) meats such as salami and prosciutto as well as chicken liver mousse.  They have pickles, olives and mustards.  From these items, you make your selections, customizing your order.  They bring out boards with the foods you ordered.
They also have a wood fired oven for pizza and they serve salads and starters.
Allie and I split a skillet of clams that were cooked in the wood stone oven.  They were served in a delicious broth with smokey jalapenos (not hot, but roasted) and a tiny bit of bacon. The clams were good, but the broth and the rustic bread were delicious.  We sopped up the broth as soon as we finished off clams.
I ordered a board with Parma Prosciutto and Moses Sleeper Cheese from VT.  This was my first time having the cheese and it was delicious, kind of like a brie.  The food came with a delicious rich mustard, some toasted bread slices and zucchini pickles. I loved it.
Allie got a board with Parma and Stilton, clover honey, olives, zucchini pickles and bread.  She enjoyed it as well.
Ashley ordered Salami Toscano, Cheddar from VT, olives, zucchini pickles and bread. She didn't care for the salami, but enjoyed the cheese and olives... and sharing food with Allie.
Jon ordered a Bianca pizza, pizza with ricotta and olives topped with fresh arugula.  He wasn't particularly thrilled with it. He had an starter of pork lettuce wraps and didn't care for it.  Ashley tried them as well and thought they were fatty and didn't like them as well.
We had a nice time, but didn't stay for dessert.  It was really great to see Allie!
Our view from our table.

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