Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skiing this Winter

Despite being below zero on Sunday morning, the day warmed up to be fantastic skiing weather.  Ashley and I did our first skiing of the season and we had a fabulous time.  Last year, Ashley did a lot of skiing and a lot of lugging her skis back and forth from the slopes to home.  So, we inquired about getting a locker and were put on a waiting list.  In September, we got the good news that a locker was available.  We jumped at the chance, but then waited and waited for snow.
Finally, we got snow and time to go skiing, so we moved in to the locker.
 We were so surprised at the size of the locker.  As a kid, we had a large locker at King Ridge that held skis for the 6 of us, plus Dr. Marsh (who left a couple of pair there for a few years.) There was plenty of room for poles, boots and stray mittens and the locker was really a small closet with a combination lock.  Through the years, "locker" at ski slopes have meant a metal locker like the kind at the bowling alley, where you deposit quarters to open it.  So, we were expecting a similar version that would hold skis.  Imagine our surprise when we found this locker!
I had to climb in to see.  It was big enough to hold boots, skis, bags and more.  It is officially ours until the end of ski season.
The newly fallen snow was great.  And Ragged continued to make snow throughout the day.
The weather was fantastic and the slopes were almost empty.  We didn't have to wait in line to board the lifts.
 Here is Ashley on one of our runs.
 And here she is checking out the view.
 Notice the color coordinated skis and outfit.... tres chic!
 Here we are riding the lift. As long as we stayed bundled, we stayed warm.  And the helmets are strictly preventive, neither were put to the test. We each had a good day, no wipe outs, no falls.  No one got hurt.
Oh, and gorgeous views...

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Looks like a fun day. :0)