Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day!

The sky on Wednesday, the day before the storm
It turned out to be quite the storm.  Originally predicted to be just over an inch, each hour brought a slight increase in the expected snowfall.  By 11:00 am we had 6 inches.  It continued to snow throughout the day and more snow is expected tomorrow!
Originally, ice and freezing rain were predicted, but luckily, we seemed to miss that stuff.
The school district had a snow day, or technically a "Blizzard Bag Day".  The teachers assign work and if 80% of students return the completed assignment, the school does not have to make up the snow day.  I think our district is in the third year of Blizzard Bags.  Teachers love them, students hate them!  The idea of a work free snow day is forever ruined.  Truthfully though, most of these kids are busy working during the bad weather, shoveling snow, keeping the fire stocked with wood and watching younger siblings and finishing up homework.
The Blizzard Bag assignments are hours long for each class.  When the Blizzard Bags first were instituted, the work assigned was "busy work" - teachers from all classes assigned things like write an essay on a particular topic, in most cases it was unrelated to what was being taught in class.  It was an assignment that teachers could "prepare" in September and if and when a Blizzard Bag day was called, students would look up the assigned work. The teachers either didn't grade the work or took weeks to do so.  The lack of feedback frustrated the students who worked for hours on it.
Through the years, the assignments became more relevant to the classes.  Assignments relate to the current topics, sometimes are homework assignments and the like.
The state puts stipulations on the Blizzard Bag Days, such as a maximum number of days that can be considered BBD and the amount of work that must be turned into the school.

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