Monday, January 23, 2012

Strange and Stranger...

Maybe it's the moon cycle, the time of year or the weather, but I have observed some strange things lately.

- At the gas station, there was a large man pumping gas into his car.  It was a little odd, because his car was a mini coupe.  I have only seen women drive this car.  Tiny women at that!  So, it was a bit unusual for me to see a 6 foot tall man driving this car.  But, what was even stranger was that his car was blaring rap music - hard core rap music.  This too was unusual as I mostly hear country music or pop.  And the juxtaposition of the "chick car" and gangster music was good for a laugh.
-At the grocery store, there was older couple doing their grocery shopping together.  They were very tiny and at first glance, were rather cute.  As I neared them though, things stopped being cute.  They were fighting like cats and dogs!  It was rather uncomfortable so, I turned my cart around and got decided to come back to that aisle later.

- And this is something that was a marvel of technology, but still strange to me... Turnstiles on the ski slope! This year Ragged Mountain has removed ski tickets and instead, you buy a card -- the size and shape of a credit card.  Unlike a ski ticket that you attach to your jacket, you purchase the card (like a ski ticket) but place it in your pocket).  Then you ski through the turnstile each time you go on the lift.  The turnstile registers a chip on the card and sends a signal to the turnstile that recognizes that you paid for your ticket.  If you did not, the turnstile won't let you through!  On the bright side, no more tags blowing in your face when you ski.  On the downside, it is a form of tracking. Each time the card goes through the turnstile, it records that.  A bit odd.

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