Wednesday, January 04, 2012

White Beech Mushrooms or Bunapi

Last week at the grocery store, I spotted some unique mushrooms.  They were called Bunapi mushrooms. I was not familiar with them, but they looked healthy, so I brought them home.
Looking up Bunapi mushrooms on the web, I found that they were a product of the Hokto Mushroom Company. They created them in an attempt to create Bunashimeji mushrooms.  The Bunapi are also known as white beech mushrooms.  
 They grow in clusters and can be prepared in clusters or cut up individually.
I cooked them like I cook other mushrooms, sauteeing them in oil and seasoning with herbs and garlic.
Bunapi are a bit tough. They cook up like shiitake, in that they take a bit of time to cook (unlike portobello or button mushrooms that cook up quickly.) They are a bit chewy when they are cooked, but add attractive texture to dishes.

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