Thursday, January 19, 2012

Working On...

It seems that I am always busy.  Just when one big week is over, another one starts and I feel a whole new wave of "to-do's".
I keep lists -- which is the best way for me to remember to get things done.  Where would I be without my 3x5 cards and a pen?  I keep them in my purse, my car, by my seat on the couch and in the kitchen.  And as I remember something, I put it on the list.  As I complete a task, I get to cross it off.
Here is a mini-list of things I am currently working on, aside from the normal, mundane tasks of everyday life.
At work - creating 2 window displays for products as well as backdrops
At home - un-cluttering the basement
At play - writing, Sea & Song Journal, daily drawings, watercolor images

Even though it is only Thursday, this week, I feel like I've had a full week.  I had a tennis match, participated in a tennis clinic and dropped Allie off at college. Ashley took midterms for her senior year in high school -- less than 100 school days left before she graduates. Allie started classes and has already completed one semester at college!
We are 19 days into the new year and time in flying.

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