Thursday, February 02, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

For the art journals, the girls and I colored some watercolor paper.  We spent 2 days working on them. First we took large sheets of watercolor paper (cold press) and added inks, acrylic paints and lots of color and texture.  We tried to keep the color scheme similar -- lots of blues with some accent colors.  We did these with the intent of using them in the ocean journal, which was why we kept with the blue scheme.  We did both sides of the page, which is what took us so long!  But it was fun and the girls did a fantastic job.
 Here is one that Ashley and I did together.  She did the background and I added the whites and yellows.  It is quite colorful and I love it!

Here is one that I did adding the occasional orange accent. 
 Here is a background that Allie did using a combination of inks and paints.  I love how it looks like moving water.
And her are some more papers, cut into smaller sizes.  The squares are about 12"x 12".  Watercolor paper is quite durable and it tears beautifully!
 And here is a page spread using the background paper.
 I added the paper to the journal and then drew this sea fan onto the page.  I used red ink to draw the fan and then white ink to accent it.  I love how the background shows through the screen of the fan!
 And here is the page to the left of the sea fan. I attached jellyfish and a large interesting looking turquoise fish.  The large blue jellyfish is actually hinged onto the page, creating a third page.
And when you angle the large blue jellyfish, you see the underlying page.

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Allie said...

this looks AWESOME! Love the jelly fish...they look like they're moving off the page....!