Saturday, February 04, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

Here is another spread from my art journal.
 This page, which is on the left of the spread, (since I didn't take a photo of both pages together) is a giant watercolor octopus. The background is a collage of torn pages that I tinted blue, so it looked like water in the background. What is interesting is that the pages are all images of octopus and shipwrecks.
The right hand side page has the same background, but a swirly page added.  I added this page because it looks like waves and you can see behind it.
 And behind it is colorful fish. On the top right is a tiny fold out card with another octopus and a piece of swirly page to look like waves.


Linda said...

This is darling. Love the work. Going to "pin" it now. Best wishes, linda

Natasha Mairs said...

Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday
Hope to can join us again tomorrow