Thursday, February 09, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

I really liked this page in the journal. I love the colors - the orange and blues, it seems so happy and bright.  
 I started out by making the background by building up layers of paint and gesso.  When the first layer of paint dried, I painted on some gesso in swirly shapes and let that dry.  Then, I took more paint and added a layer over the gesso. I quickly rubbed off the wet paint, which left a bit of a stain behind I built up more layers on the edge of the  paper.  When dry, I started writing.
 On the left hand page, I wrote words that described the sea - various colors, shapes and descriptive terms. I added in a tiny envelope that answered the question to the right -"What draws me to the sea?"
On the right hand page, I painted in the word GULF with a blue gradient.  On the bottom of both pages, I added some paper that I painted and cut into waves. It was fun. I like the tone.

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Allie said...

looks AWESOME! i love the colors, they are so vibrant!