Friday, February 10, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

 This two page spread was made with a collaged technique. I painted the manta ray (up top on the left) and then added it to the journal.
The page has many rays pasted onto the watercolor page.
When we are in FL we see a lot of rays migrating. It is very interesting to be in the ocean and suddenly shadows appear.  Sometimes, the rays splash in the water as they flap their wings. If you are standing in the water, the rays will separate and swim around you, as if you are a boulder or post.  There are many warnings at the beach, encouraging swimmers to do the "stingray shuffle" where you shuffle your feet in the water, rather than stepping.  The shuffle will clue the stingrays to your presence and they will leave you alone.  If you "step" you risk stepping on a stingray and getting stung.
On this page, I made a bunch of waves with torn paper and stitched it in place along the sides.  I collaged a whale's tale and a flying fish.  I am not sure if I done with this page.  I might add more later or tuck a note into one of the pockets in the waves.

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