Saturday, February 11, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

This page was a very interesting one. It is full of blues and greens and is very textured.  I did a fun background technique where I painted the page with acrylic inks and then added layers and layers of torn masking tape. I burnished the tape a lot -- just to make sure it sticks well.  Then after I let it sit overnight (again, just to make sure the adhesive took and there were no edges sticking up) I rubbed ink all over the page. I added greens and blue and lightly stroked it with dark blue.  The dark ink picked up the edges of the tape.  This created a lot of texture and a lot of interest.
I added some pages of textured scrapbook paper.  I swiped ink over it to pick up the texture and then painted yellow acrylic circles to look like bubbles. I made a skinny page and behind it a almost full size page with a hole torn in the center.  I wanted the page to look like scuba divers swimming in a mysterious cove.
Behind the page with the hole, I added another page with some intriguing underwater scenes. 
As you turn the page, you see the the final collaged page, a frog trying to surface.
Close up of the frog...
And on the left hand side is a very scary sea creature, some type of lizard, that has a wicked tail among the creepy coral.  I added the scuba diver that is mimicking the position of the scary monster!  I like the way this layout looks, it is a very unusual style for me.

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