Thursday, February 16, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

 Here is a simple two page spread I did focusing on starfish. The starfish on the left is painted on watercolor paper with bold colors. I cut it from the sheet and pasted it on the page.  I made a couple of divider pages of this transparent paper that looks reminiscent of seaweed.
 On the right hand page, I drew a starfish with inks and then added a starfish poem.  I like the "airy" look of this page.
 This other page spread was built in layers.  I started out by painting shapes in gesso over the book pages.  When that dried, I added a layer of watered down acrylic paint.  I wiped away some paint revealing the original book page in some places.  You can see the areas that I painted circles in gesso and they are opaque.  I then painted some shapes in red and blues and collaged some yellow papers.  Each layer builds up the page and creates depth.
To finish the page, I collaged in sea creatures, words, coral and torn paper.  I also added a bit of the transparent page from the previous spread to look like seaweed and create even more layers.  I like the way this page looks full of life -- just like the ocean itself.

I am almost done with my book!  I have to show the front and back of the book as well as the first and last page spreads.  I am so pleased with the book and had so much fun creating it.  I can't wait to start on another one!

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