Sunday, February 19, 2012

Art Journal: Caladan

Here is my last post on my Caladan art journal. I finished the journal and loved every minute of creating it!  Part of me is sad to put it on the shelf.  Looking through it, I am amazed by the bold colors and love the blues scattered throughout.
 Here is the cover.  I added chipboard letters spelling Caladan and painted them gold to match the portal into the first page of the bok. I added a piece of vellum that makes it a bit foggy as if you are looking through water.  I added some colors to the book along with some shapes and doodles - just to add interest and texture.
 Here is the first page spread in the journal.  I added more blues, but then thought to add some oranges that would really pop.  I added poems and quotes about the sea along.
 A close up of the left hand page shows the vellum window, a pocket envelope up top and various sea creatures used a background.
On the right, I added a watercolor mermaid that I painted and framed it with black masking tape. I added more quotes and some drawn picture corners. I like how there is so much flowing on these pages -- the mermaid's hair, the quotes, the orange to red colors. It reminds me of waves.
And the back of the book was a simple magazine page that I glued onto to the book. I love the photo of the blue water and silver fish and the lone orange one.  I could add doodles or paint or other things, but I liked the simplicity of it.
I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pages that went into the journal.  I can't wait to start another one.

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SherRee said...

You have inspired me to start an art journal. I have been really stuck and this might be the thing to get me out of it. Other then having a break down that is.. LOL! Enjoy you posts
very much.