Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Shower for My Sister M

We can't wait for little Ellie to join our family and today's baby shower made up want to meet her all the more!

Here is the soon-to-be new mama with her adoring niece and nephew who are showering her with books for their soon-to-be cousin.
Piera and I decorated these "onesies" cookies for the shower.  Ashley joined in on the fun too.
 Piera loves to pick up little rug-rats as they run past.  And they love to be "hooked up and made into salami!"  Look at all the smiles!
These two were extraordinary in creating the party favors for the guests.  Jon found some beautiful hand blown glass tea light holders in Boston and picked up enough for everyone at the party. Ashley and Jon spent a morning filling the globes with assorted MnM's.  They even calculated how many ounces per color of MnM's were needed for each globe. 
And here they are partially filled. There were dark purple, lilac, dark pink, light pink, white and pale blue MnM's as well as some personalized for the occasion.

 Piera and I worked on making the "diaper cake".  As a family, we gave M and Brian a gift of 6 months of diapers, so it was fitting to have a diaper cake as a centerpiece.
 And after we assembled the cake, Piera went to town decorating it with stuffed toys, baby products, gift cards for more diapers and an adorable polar bear hat!  It was quite cute!
I was lucky that my sister came up a day early to make the shower a success.  We worked late into Saturday night and put together a bunch of fun things.
We made a brunch for the family.  My father brought everyone's favorite - eggplant parmigiana.  But, being aware of Theo's lactose intolerance, he modified his usual fantastic recipe and made an equally delicious lactose free eggplant parmigiana-free.  It was so delicious, that there was nothing left!
It was a great day. We can't wait to do it again with little Ellie!

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