Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bulletin Board Progress

I've been working on finishing up the bulletin boards in the conference room at work.  We wanted to display some of the parts that we use in our furnaces. The trick was that parts are odd shapes, some are fragile and some are heavy.  But, the bulletin boards have no shelves, so that posed a challenge.
 Here are the boards, empty and hanging in the conference room.  The board on the left still has plastic from shipping on it.
 And here are the boards with their products inside.  They are not completely finished, as they need labels and there is still room for more parts.
 Here is one board, with the parts wired in.  I wound up getting a wainscoting board and drilling two holes for each element.  I fed wire through the holes and twisted in the back to hold each part in place.
And here is the second board. There is room for more parts, which we can add as needed.
I like the boards -- I think they look like museum pieces.

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