Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daily Drawings

Even though I have been remiss with posting my daily drawings, I have been drawing every day!  I want to work on faces some more. The only way to improve is to do more face drawings and stick with it.  This is where I need work.  I have a few drawings that I would normally crumble up and toss in the fire.  But, I have decided to keep them in my sketch book.  At best, I will be able to look back at them and see how I have improved.  At worst, I will look at them and cringe.
 2.2.  Here is my drawing that I dislike the most of all the drawings I have done this year.  Faces are difficult for me.  I think I am slowly improving drawing eyes.  (Somehow, a drop of ink stained my journal.)
 2.3 Here is a less defined, more cartoon face.
 2.4 - A daffodil.  Think Spring!
 2.5 - A cartoon version of a forklift.
 2.6 - A fairy house.
 2.7 - A shaded pear.
2.8 - Another fairy house.

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