Wednesday, February 01, 2012

There's An App for That! Ohm's Calculations

In addition to all the work that Jon has been doing, he spent the last few months working on an app for the Apple store, specifically the iPhone and iPad.  Unfortunately, I can't link to the app store, as you need to be on an iPad or iPhone to do so.  Here is the link to the app store. But, I made this above illustration to show what it looks like.
For $1.99 anyone can download the Ohm's Law Calc.  You can input volts, amps, ohms or watts and it will calculate the appropriate numbers.  It will do either single phase or three phase values.  This is handy for electrical engineers and people who need to calculate these things for wiring power and currents. It is really helpful in his job and thought it might be helpful to others.
We made a website Caladan Software for the app.  Apple has strict requirements for posting apps.  Jon worked on it for weeks.  Then submitted it and waited a week for it to be reviewed.  It was accepted and went online last night!
Not bad for a hobby. Hopefully, there will be more apps to come.

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piero canuto said...

congratulation Jon!