Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week at a Glance... 2.26.12

Even though we are already two months into the new year, I still feel like it is "new".
The weeks pass at a faster rate than ever and I find myself thinking, "where did the time go?" more often than I like!

I had a dream that involved my daughter Allie when she was about 7 years old.  The dream was so vivid and real that when I woke up, I started to go to her room to wake her for school.  It took me a few steps to come back to earth and realize that she is away at college.

Ashley, our youngest daughter, has been "an only child" since Allie left for college.  And the poor thing is probably itching to go herself.  She has been my best friend, listening to my opinions, rants, medical advice without any buffer of being able to dilute me with her sister.  She has been taste tester, counselor, last minute grocery shopper, cat mother and dishwasher for the past six months.  I suspect that she views this newfound responsibility as my preventative attempt to cure her of any home sickness. Ashley is on her February break this week and I have her booked all week.  Stay tuned for our adventures.

My sister M had a beautiful baby that I was lucky enough to visit and hold!  Both mama and daughter are doing well.  Ellie is gaining weight, sleeping through the night and being generally adorable.
We had another snowstorm that wasn't this week.  Predictions of 4- 8 inches of snow turned out to be a measly 3 inches.  But the kicker was ferocious winds that have the trees bending and flailing as if they were being shaken by a giant.
I have been continuing my daily drawings. I have really enjoyed it and sometimes I get inspired to paint the images or color them on the computer. I borrowed Jon's new hand scanner that let's me get good images, rather than taking photos of them.  I have a new favorite toy.

Jon and I saw a wolf run across I-89 last Friday.  It was a big, muscular creature and we were both amazed.  Then, I read in the newspaper that a high school student in nearby Hopkinton was attacked by a coyote just a few days ago.  I wonder if we saw that coyote and not a wolf? 

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