Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Carnival Week

The theme for winter carnival today was America.... So, Ashley dressed as the Statue of Liberty.  I made the skirt and swag from a set of sheets. The torch is a flashlight covered with cardboard and painted. The crown is also painted cardboard that I sewed into a headband.  The flames on the torch are colored vellum paper.  She looked great!
(On a ridiculously frustrating side note: the teachers at the high school challenged her and were not going to award points for her costume.  Apparently, they only wanted red, white or blue clothing. One "teacher" even told her that the Statue of Liberty didn't qualify.)


Allie said...

that is so cute!!!! those teachers are ridiculous. what jerks for not allowing ANY creativity into the system. It's hilarious (in an awful sort of way) that they preach being different and unique, yet they don't even allow something as creative as this into the school on AMERICA day. Ridiculous. I hope she let them have it!

piero canuto said...

beautiful, well done!
Keep on going!