Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crisis Averted...

Sometimes in life, the good things are things that don't ever happen.
I learned this lesson yesterday.

Allie and I were walking along the beach at the end of the day, but before sunset. Most beach dwellers were gone for the day and those that like to watch the sunset hadn't arrived, so the beach was at a quiet point.
We were walking and talking and having an interesting conversation about nothing in particular when we noticed a swimmer in the water. This was not terribly unusual, except that he was swimming close to the rocks and the 'no swimming" sign.
We continued our stroll and chat. We stopped to watch a diving pelican, a magnificent skilled maneuver. Allie and I were in awe and then Allie breaks the silence with, "Mom, I hope that he is not dead."
I turned to see the swimmer doing e dead man's float and drifting to shore with the current.
We watched for a moment praying that he would move, come up for air or kick his legs....anything to signify that he was alive. Nothing.
I hand Allie my camera and flipflops that I was carrying and add, "Oh crap". She takes my stuff knowing full well that my next step would be into the ocean to retrieve the body. Just as I take a step away, the man comes up for air.
Allie and I laugh a crazy laugh that was a combination of relief (thank God the man was alive) and a bit of anger (Oh My God, I worried needlessly).
We had a bit more to talk about for the next 50 yards before we resumed our previously relaxing stroll on the beach.
Crisis averted.

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