Sunday, March 04, 2012

Daily Drawings

Here are some more drawings from February.
 2.14 - I drew a girl with closed eyes...
 2.15 - And some wild mushrooms... shiitake maybe?
 2.16 - A gnome for my sister.
 2.17 - And some more wild mushrooms.... baby portabellas?
 2.18 - A fish.. I like this one. In this, I got some perspective and shadow. I like it.
 And my favorite part -- adding color and more shadow digitally.  Sometimes when I am working things seem to come easy. When you are an athlete, this is called "being in the zone".  When I was working on this, I was in the zone!
And I couldn't stop there. I had to try my hand with the portabellas.  I chose some unusual colors for me and really had fun with it!

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