Friday, March 16, 2012

Game of Thrones - Fascinating Television Show

We just finished watching HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones".  The show is full of intrigue, gorgeous scenery and costumes, amazing sword sequences and also... the "unexplained".
Game of Thrones takes place in medieval times, based around seven kingdoms under one king, his sworn enemies, family, loyal friends and underlings.  Oh - and there is more.  The "undead" and dragons.  There are so many layers to this show that I still can't recite all the names accurately or their affiliation.  This is not a simple case of good vs. evil.  In fact, there is really no one "good" and everyone has varying degrees of evil.
The show can be vulgar and explicit with both violence and sexual content.  (Both of which, I am sure doesn't come close to the hell of reality of living without indoor plumbing.) But, the show is full of strategy, treason and the desire to protect the realm from evil.
The characters are in depth and multi-faceted.  People are not what they appear and others are EXACTLY as they appear.  The trouble is finding out who is a scoundrel and who is a harmless nuisance.
The show deals with all sorts of issues that are still relevant from today -- class warfare, corrupt politicians, sexism, agism, murderous plots, bastard sons and greed.
Season 1 was 10 episodes long. Each episode was just over an hour long and was exciting and suspenseful.  Season 2 begins in April and I can't wait!

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