Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No More Encyclopaedia Britannica Books

Encyclopaedia Britannica announced that it will cease printing Encyclopaedias and continue with their digital versions alone. Many people blame the Internet and free search engines such as google, but Britannica says that printed material becomes obsolete the moment it is printed and they update their digital versions daily. Britanica has been making digital versions since e 1970's.
Production of Encyclopaedia books hit an all time high in 1990 with 120,000 sets sold. Six years later, only 40,000 sold. A cd-rom was sold in 1989 and a online edition went on sale in 1994. Currently, the Britannica website has 100 million members. They are offering a free week of info from March 13- March 20.
The last edition sold for $1395.00

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