Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project: Faux Terra Cotta

completed "faux terra cotta wooden shapes

Here's another project I have in the works. These are wooden shapes about the size of the palm of a hand.  This project came about unexpectedly as I found these 5 shapes in a super clearance bin at a craft store.  They were 24 cents a piece and I couldn't resist.  I brought these home and thought that I would paint them white or pale colors.  But, then when I was choosing paint colors from my stash, I thought why not go bold?  As I started to paint them, I thought about adding a layer of white that would highlight the carvings on each shape.
Here are the wooden shapes. I really like how they are 3D. The shapes are beautiful and would look great in any color.
 I painted 2 layers of bold color onto the shapes.  Because the color was so bold, you can't see the details.  After the paint dried overnight, I painted on a layer of watered down white paint.  I wiped off the paint before it dried thoroughly.  The paint remained int the crevices and transformed the bold colors into a dusty looking ones.  The orange ones look like they are pieces of terra cotta.
I plan on putting these along with my found seashells.

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