Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunshine in the Artic

We have had amazingly beautiful weather for the past few days.  Yesterday and today have creeped past 70 degrees and it is expected to get warmer for tomorrow.  It has been sunny and gorgeous outside.  It is so inspiring and so out of season for March in NH.
Tennis practice started on Monday and I for one, thought this weather was a fluke.  Pinch me, because it is Wednesday and it is still here! In fact, it was so warm (without a breeze) that I had to alter practice to take into account the heat.
HEAT in March in NH?  Quite honestly, people do not know what to do with it!
The teller at the bank joked with me about my clothing choice of a sleeveless top and shorts.  I didn't bother to explain that I was still warm, even dressed like this!
I have had to bring jugs of ice water for the tennis players. And even though they are high school age, I still have to remind them to stop and hydrate.  When I look over and see red faces and squinty eyes, I realize that they are not accustomed to the sun OR the heat!
If I were placing an order for the weather, I wouldn't change a thing!  Sunny skies, light breeze and no bugs.  Oh - this is what heaven must be like.

Not only are we ahead of schedule for tennis, but my yard is starting to recoup from winter.  I have been busy cleaning up downed branches and even contemplating adding some flowers to the planter....

I have to keep in mind that this is NH and we will still get a frost until late May, early June.  But, I am thoroughly enjoying this tropical weather.

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