Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walking Along a Beach....

Going for a walk on the beach is always a new experience.  Yes, the sun and the sand are repetitive, but other than that, you never know who or what you might see.
 Birds.  Always birds.  Some are colorful, some are bland.  Some walk really quickly and others just sit and wait for a scrap of bread or a bit of bait from a fisherman.  I love the way the birds flock and their reflections shine in the water.

 What is this?  A bird? A plane?
No. It is just some odd person in the sky, attached to a parachute and a motor.
 He was LOUD and colorful.  And I will say it again, it was strange!
 This was a feeding frenzy as the large bird in the middle found a bag of Doritos on someone's picnic blanket.  He kept trying to drag the bag away from the other birds and eventually wound up spilling his bounty.  The other birds swarmed and flew off with the bright orange chips.
 These two sculptors did a great job with a large sandcastle and let me take their photo.
 I could watch the pelicans glide above the ocean all day long.  They are so graceful and powerful and mesmerizing.
 And here is a "classic" pelican shot of a pelican on a post.
 And this teenager was practicing his boarding techniques on the waves.  It was fun to watch.
And of course, another glorious sunset on the beach.

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