Friday, March 30, 2012

Week at a Glance... 3.30.12

In bidding goodbye to March 2012, let's recap the week....
 It was "ice-out" last weekend on Pleasant Lake.  I don't know if it happened last Friday or Saturday, but it happened and it marks the beginning of spring!  It has been months since we've seen that deep blue, sometimes black water.  As beautiful as a snow covered lake can be, I prefer the lively waves any day.
 Meanwhile, down south... The trees are in full bloom in Boston. Allie snapped this picture while walking from class.  Today, we were visiting her in Boston and the blooms were magnificent.  Springtime is renewal.  Just when I forgot what blossoms were, they burst out on the trees.
 We just finished week 2 of tennis season.  The team has tennis-ball-yellow shirts that they personalized on Monday.  And yes, these shirts are even brighter in person.  The girls stand out and it is a fun color.
And saving the best for last -- Baby Ellie has reached her predicted birthdate.  So, if she was born "full term" she would have weighed in at 7 pounds 12 oz!  She has grown from 4 pounds 15 oz!  Way to go M, Brian and Ellie Belly! And, she gets cuter each day.

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