Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Painting

I needed another painting, so I set out to make a 16x20 inch canvas.
I started by making a sketch in my journal.  I wanted the darker squares to be bold and the lighter outlined squares would be lighter colored. I painted a thick layer of gesso on the canvas and added some texture by pressing in some blocks and sponges that I cut to size. When the gesso was dry, I began to paint.  I added a background layer and then added the shapes I wanted.  I added shadows and highlights and played around until I found the combination of colors that I wanted.
Here is the final painting, ready to be framed.
Here is the painting. I like the way you can see movement in the painting.  I also love the colors!
Here is the painting hung in the bathroom.  I took this photo using the mirror's reflection, so the painting is backwards.

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