Monday, April 02, 2012


Sometimes artwork is inspiring and makes me want to create even more artwork.  Art is not only an everyday thing, but it is everywhere - in humorous moments, sad times and in everyday mundane tasks.  Some times I just get the urge to create things and other times, my children are the ones who get the creative urges.
 Here is a sketch I made in my giant art sketchbook, based on a quote that I read that I loved.

 And here is a sketch that I did based on an image Allie described to me.  When Jon and I went to Boston to visit her last week, we filled her in on what was happening at the house.  I told her how Ashley and I were bickering and Jon chimed in that he just tried to stay out of it. Allie started giggling and told me that she pictured Ashley and I like to fireballs and Jon like a drop of water.  I prefer to think of it as passionate... but fireballs isn't a bad description, either.

And here is a sketch that Ashley did of Atlas holding up the world. It was a drawing that she did for her poetry anthology.  One of her poems that she wrote referred to Atlas.  Isn't she talented?  She dabbles in art when she isn't being a science and math geek.
And here is my efforts to add color and texture to her drawing.  We added in the titles and more.
So, the final product was this one...

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