Monday, April 23, 2012

Burst of Color for a Rainy Day

I love the way the colors seem to burst in the spring.  After a white (or not so white) winter and a dreary muddy early spring, the colors of the flowers, sky and grass seem to burst as if they just appeared for the first time.
Even the reflection in still water looks purple or blue. So colorful.
The steeple is striking against the sky.  Such a powerful image. I love the shapes.
 And daffodils with tiny heads.  I love them in bunches, kind of like living bouquets.
 I always gasp when I see mature forsythia in bloom.  The color is so bold it is almost unnatural!
And traditional spring bulbs, hyacinth, are really hard to grow in NH.  So, when I see them in bloom, my first reaction is to think they are fake!  Really, they are just "helped" along by gardeners.

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