Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The First "Real" Week of Spring

What a beautiful day!  Unlike yesterday with tropical weather, today was 75 degrees with a steady breeze and blue skies. It was also a super productive day that I used to get some spring cleaning accomplished.
Can you guess which ones I accomplished?
Windows were washed
Walkways swept
Fallen trees were dragged from the woods
Leaves blown from the gardens
Bathroom floor retiled
Basement tidied up (somewhat)
Winter clothing put away
Boot Camp Workout with the tennis team
Hammock set up
Patio furniture moved outside

Well, all these things got done, but I had some help.  Our builder of 20+ years, Dean, is back to do some work around the house.  He is finishing up retiling our bathroom and it is looking spectacular.  Thanks to Scott's Yard Care, many of the outside tasks are being accomplished.  So, that leaves the windows, basement, patio furniture, hammock and clothing for me.
Oh - and Ashley taught the Boot Camp Workout for the tennis team and did a fabulous job.  I was a participant instead of an instructor!  Great day.

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