Thursday, April 19, 2012

HIgh School Tennis Team - Match #8 (8/14)

Just a quick post on our last match before break...
We played a very skilled team today and lost 1-8.  It was such a fun match for all our girls and our opponents from Berlin.  This team is the furthest team from us and took a three hour bus ride to get to our school.  That is 3 hours one way!
I mentioned this to our team and told them that I would bring pizzas for both teams - as I think the 3 hour trip is ridiculous.  Two of our players are the family members of a local pizzeria and insisted on donating the pizzas!  How kind was that?
So, we had pizzas and I brought a cooler full of drinks and we played tennis and ate pizza.
The other team was grateful and the girls exclaimed, "no one has ever done this for us!"  The pizza family were so kind and kept telling me that they were happy to do this for us.
Our players were happy to have hot pizza to munch on while their teammates were playing.  We had a great day after a long week of tennis.
Now we start a week of April break with no scheduled tennis for the first time since mid March.

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