Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Blooms

I love the spring blooms at our home.   Gram originally planted these scattered around the house and when we did some renovations back in 1995, we dug them up and placed the azaleas along the walkway.  The landscaper told us that there was a good chance that they wouldn't survive the move, but we took a chance and moved them.  Not only did they survive, but they thrived!  
Here is what they look like just before they start to pop.  Still very pretty and striking, but when they finally open, they are glorious.
 They are always buzzing with bumblebees, honeybees and other insects.  In fact, you can hear them buzzing from anywhere around the front of the house.
 I love the way the blue house peeks out from behind the blooms.
The azaleas are the stars of the show.
 That is, until the real star of the show appears.
We have one very curious cat.  She has to check out what I am doing with a camera making sure that everything is OK.  Some people have guard dogs, we have a guard cat.

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