Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

  1. The high school team completed three matches in four days this week and we made it past the season mid point!
  2. I am closer to having a retiled bathroom.  I even had time to paint the wait with a new coat of brilliant color!  Now, to get the last minute details done and we can then move back in.
  3. Ashley starts her last April vacation this week.  This is the last year of high school for her and by default, me.
  4. I started work on a new acrylic painting and am excited about the painting.  I drew a sketch and added the first layers of gesso and color.
  5. Allie is finishing up her first year at Boston University. She has less than one month before she comes home.
  6. After a week of beautiful weather, I managed to get some roses planted and grass seed sown.
  7. Ashley has just a couple of weeks until she takes her AP tests for college credit.  She took 5 AP classes this year.
  8. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and took some pictures of the pretty spring blooms on Saturday.  Every year, it excites me to see the burst of color.
  9. I have been able to keep up with running during the week.  I love to run in the warm sun.  I even love to run in the mediocre warmth.

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