Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Anticipation: Summer Movies

2012 is the summer of the movie.  We go to movies as a family, perhaps a handful a year.  We wait until all four of us are able to clear our schedules and we go.  Jon and the kids prefer to be there opening night and I am just the opposite.  I hate crowds, waiting in line and searching for seats together.  So, we compromise and see some movies on opening night and others three weeks after they are released.
Summer movies are a hit because kids are out of school and theaters are air-conditioned.  But, I like going to see the movies with my family, because we discuss them afterwards.  And when I say "discuss" them, I mean we dissect them, talk about plot lines, actors and favorite scenes.  We talk about ways the movie could have been better, ways that it surprised us with originality and ways that it was enjoyable.l
When the girls were little, we took them to see the opening night of Twilight (the teenage vampire love story that is enormously popular with girls of all ages).  Jon was one of three males in the theater!  We all laughed about that and still do!
This summer holds a LOT of promise for fun movies -- at least for me!

The Avengers - May 4
Men In Black 3 - May 25
Snow White & the Huntsman - June 1
Prometheus - June 8
GI Joe 2 - June 29
The Dark Knight Rises - Batman 3 July 20
Total Recall - August 3
The Expendables 2 - August 17

Are you looking forward to any movies this summer?


DamianC said...

I kinda want to see "Brave"


DannyB said...

Brave looks like a good one! Ashley would love it!