Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drawings and Digital Art

When I first learned Photoshop and illustrator, my drawings were either done on the computer (digitally) or on paper with pencils, inks and paints. I could have the perfect lines, angles and colors that I could generate with a computer program or I could do the artistic sketched images that can be done with classic tools.  The styles were so vastly different, but I enjoyed them both. It seemed to me one or the other. 
But, I soon realized that it was possible to do both at once.  I could start a drawing on paper or in a sketchbook, scan the image into my computer and further continue to work on it digitally.
This is one of my favorite things to do and I get the best of both worlds!
I can make my drawings, paintings or sketches and them take them to another level.  I can add textures, shadows, additional colors and more!  The possibilities are endless.
I am just an amateur with this technique, so I feel like I learn more things every time I do it.  I really love the ability to start with an original sketch and then change it again and again. I can save each rendition and actually get lots of images from the original sketch.  Here are some images from my latest sketches.
 With this fish image, I brightened it up and added some interesting background.  Now it looks more like water and currents to me!
 I added some background images (bingo cards) to the simple flower.  I like the added texture.
 I did a similar technique with the squid, adding some old labels and writing to the background.
 I liked the crosshatch texture on the shell sketch and I wanted to make even more texture for the background.
And I added a bunch of things to the turtle.  I added some background that reminded me of a pool of water and then I added some patterns to his shell.

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