Monday, May 14, 2012

High School Tennis Team - Match #13 (5-8 record)

Ever have one of those days that defines Murphy's Law?  You know, the kind that if anything can go wrong, it will, kind of days?
We had our 13th match (oh, maybe that was it... lucky 13?) and everything was a little bit of a disaster.  It rained all day.  Well, it rained all day HERE. Our match was played 80 miles away where it only rained on and off, so our match was not cancelled.
Instead, we set off on our journey through 60 miles of rain.  And construction through the notch that resulted in a one lane road that alternated north traffic and south traffic.
We had a 6 player team -- half of our team missing due to academic obligations.
So, we start off on our journey to the opposing high school when I remember that the match isn't held at the  high school.  Through sporadic cell phone service, we finally get in touch with someone who can tell us where the matches are held.  Except, they don't know an address, just that the courts are off Rt 302 in Bethlehem.

Well, we manage to get to "there" but don't know where we are going, how far we need to go or what side of the street we need to search.  After driving past the courts, the bus driver notices a pair of courts down a road behind an Inn.  We decide that we are going to turn and go back.  OK.  Easier said than done.

We get to the courts, which were only two to find the other team warming up.  I was greeted by the coach who informs me that we are fighting a rainstorm that is on its way and we can see black clouds in the sky.  She then tells me that she will take the courts for 10 more minutes and then we can have them for 10 minutes.  I am more than frustrated by the situation and shake my head, "no".
She asks me what is wrong?  I explain that she has already had her team on the courts for 20 minutes (at least) and she wants us to wait another 10 minutes, so that we can practice for 10 minutes?  Does this seem like good sportsmanship to you?

She offers to clear the kids from the courts and they can start immediately and warm up together. I explain that her kids still had 20 minutes of warm up and my kids just got off a bus.....

And this is the direction that the entire match took.  Oh - there were no bathroom facilities, but she told us we were welcome to use the Irving Gas Station bathroom a mile down the road.....

So, the coach gives a convoluted explanation of having 2 additional courts and sending 3 of the matches away to the other courts.  I am not comfortable with this, as there is no supervision and I have no way of knowing where my kids are.  Additionally, the coach sends 3 kids from my team away and leaves 3 to play on the 2 existing courts and we have no way of contacting them.
I make an arrangement with our bus driver, along with getting her cell phone number and her promise to keep her phone on and in her hand, so we can communicate.

And the matches began and were a disaster. A complete disaster.

After the two matches by me were almost over, I called the bus driver to find out how her matches were going.  I found out that they were almost done with 2 matches and they would have 1 court empty, just as we had one court empty.... soon to be two.  I asked them to return to us as and we would finish out the match together, as I was not comfortable with this and even less comfortable knowing that there were 2 courts empty while players were waiting to go on at each location, but couldn't compete because their opponents were at the other courts.

So, as crazy as this sounds, it turns out that the team we were playing were so unorganized that they had no idea how to run an efficient match -- or even a partially efficient match.

Finally, all the matches were played that needed to be played. And we boarded the bus to depart.
It rained within 90 seconds of boarding the bus and the sky turned black.

We headed home and I was still reeling from the nonsense that took place.
The bus driver and I had a good laugh the entire debacle.
Good Lord!


Laurie said...

Welcome to the north country?! Glad we didn't attempt to go and watch it, we were playing T-Ball a few miles away, also watching the sky. I think I know where those courts are, back behind the main street, after the golf course, near the park? See...welcome to our craziness up here, haha :-)

Laurie said...

oh and now you know why I still keep a potty in the car for the kids