Thursday, May 17, 2012

High School Tennis Team - Match #14 (6-8 record)

We had our final match yesterday and ended the season with a win and 6-8 record!  Our best yet!

Yesterday's match was filled with excitement.  Thunderstorms were predicted and we drove to the match in the rain (again).  We got lost a total of 9 times, but most of them were little errors -- wrong turns and roads not found on the GPS.  While they wouldn't be a big deal in a car, in a long yellow school bus, they posed a challenge to find a spot to turn the bus around!  We got a lot of strange looks and people came out of their houses in the remote part of the woods to see what was beeping. The bus's back up warning beeps did little to help our stealthy wrong turns!

We arrived at the school in the middle of nowhere, southern NH, back roads.  We hiked up to the tennis courts and the unthinkable happened. The sun came out!  We were bathed in sunlight for the first time in a long time.  It was great and it did help dry up the puddles on the courts.

The girls played their matches and did very well.  Each time we would win a match, it seemed that our opponents did also!  The score was close right to the end.  Our last team, number 3 doubles came through for us and we won the match by the skin of our teeth 5-4!
So we ended the season with a win, bringing our season record to 6-8.

I was going over Ashley's record this season and personally, she has a 10-2 record!  She missed two matches due to some college testing, but played a whopping 12 matches in 6 weeks of competitive play.  She played so well all season and I am so proud of her!

I enjoyed coaching and will miss the girls.  It is very rewarding to work with players who want to improve and who work hard towards that goal.  I was lucky to have so many on the team who were determined, good sports and lovely people.
I will not miss the drama that accompanies the high school tennis and I will not miss the nonsense that seemed to occur frequently this season with opposing teams and coaches.

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