Thursday, May 31, 2012

High School Tennis Team - Senior Day

We end each high school tennis season with a "Senior Day" honoring the departing seniors who have been a part of the team for up to 4 years.  It is a time to say good-bye and a last tennis clinic to have fun as a group.  We wait for a sunny, beautiful day and because the season is over, we have no time constraints and no expiration dates.  I started the Senior Day tradition with the team and the girls LOVE it, partly because we had a 2 week break since we last played.
I make some tasty treats for everybody along with a giant jug of cold water.
Throw in some party favors... in this case, necklaces that they can trade until they find the one that they like.
Add some fun props, like furry mustaches!  And the smiles come out!
Alicia had everyone laughing hysterically when she said, "I look like my Dad!"
Then the SENIOR arrived.  As per our tradition, she has to close her eyes and we "embellish her"...
Tiara, sunglasses, a lei and... of course, a mustache of her own!

We had a beautiful day and so much fun!

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