Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Making of a Cylon.... Sort of. And Birthday Greetings

Each year we struggle with what to get Jon for his birthday.  He is one of those selfish people who "doesn't want anything for his birthday" and while this is all fine and dandy, we, selfishly, want to get him something! He loves the latest gadgets -- all kinds of computer stuff, phone stuff and even the dreaded math and science stuff.  But, since this world is rather foreign to me - I don't know 3G from IBM, I have no idea if I am buying something that he will like or if he already has it!  
Now, my daughters are a different story.  They know all those things.  They speak that language.  And lucky for me, they navigate through those waters and the let me tag along for the ride.  So, this year, Ashley came up with the idea of making her father a cylon!  Well, not exactly a cylon, but pretty darn close!
Cylon from Battlestar Gallatica
 A cylon is an advanced robot soldier from the original Battlestar Gallatica series in the 1970s.  It is still loved today as a cult favorite, mainly for the red light that runs back and forth through the eye area.  The cyclons were famous for saying, "BY YOUR COMMAND" in a computer voice that was at once frightening and commanding.
The cyclons were cool.  The cylons are cool.  But, how are we going to make a cylon?
Well, leave it to Ashley to take the guess work out of the electronics.  She went to Radio Shack and gathered her supplies - LED's, resistors, wires, breadboards -- (all foreign terms) and with some computer programming, she made the red light run back and forth!  Wow, the hard part was done.
Now it was my turn to make the robot head!
 I started with some paper mache pulp and a balloon. I didn't take any photos with the balloon as my hands were gooey from the paper mache!  (Darn, I regret that now!)  But, here is the dried paper mache dome that will be part of the head.  I also made one for the "beard" on a piece of cardboard that I warped to make it domed as well.
 In order to give the mask more support, I trimmed the domes and then taped them together with masking tape.  I cut out a window for the eyes.  The shape of the head was finally coming together.
 To get the cool cylon silver, I used.... aluminum foil.
 Allie suggested making the beard with black cardstock.  Great idea!  She cut out the black strips so we could get the beard made.
 And here is the completed cylon!  Overall, it came out really well!  But, to really appreciate the cylon, you have to see it in action.
Ashley recorded the video on my phone and this allowed me to upload it. Click on the arrow to play... it is only 8 seconds long, so don't look away!
 And here is what a tennis player would look like, if she were a cylon!
Ok - she is much cuter than any cylon.... but just as commanding!

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Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Looks like a very successful family project! And the light works - I'm impressed. Thanks SO much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
<3 Christina